Sunday, 17 August 2008

Since graduating in Contemporary crafts from Falmouth College of arts, Hannah has been based in Lulworth Dorset dividing her time between, Gilding and building up her jewellery range.

Having felt restricted by the limits of other materials Hannah now works mainly with silver and resin, the versatility of the latter, offers a mixture of many qualities including high gloss finishes & unlimited inclusions, resulting in pieces, which are mystical, lively and enchanting.
She takes pride in hand crafting each piece, every one an individual gem to capture the imagination. Hannah works with found objects using iridescent and translucent pigments to hand dye the resin.

“The magic of turning rubbish into treasure really excites me, making an object precious, by taking it out of context proves that one person’s junk is another's joy!
The other work I find very rewarding is protecting people’s sentimental keepsakes; A button from a christening gown, or a lock or hair, preserving it either in a wearable piece, or something that can be kept, held and admired.”

Each piece is considered and worked on with the up most love and care. After the first stage of hand dying the resin, positioning of inclusions and curing; the lengthy process of shaping, sanding and polishing begins.
When the first stage is complete - finishing takes place and then collected together with precious gemstones and silver to form the unique pieces in her collection.


'Pebble weights' cast from some gorgeous stones

All designs copyrighted to hannahmarypinnock

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