Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Currently not well, full of flu and cold, blurgh so am using the time to update things and try to make some space on my laptop, doing other joyful things just as 'the books'...blurgh yet again, but at least i feel as though im being mildly productive at least.

stary stary night!!

Just Another little bloggy blog about my new star that I have listed to folksy.
It has been a labour of love, all those different edges taking a fair amount of time to bring up to this find sand and polish. and here is the iccle stunner...

and next I plan on telling you all about the book im reading......Oh my gosh, I cannot put it down, proper page turner, im off to read a chapter or two so i can get in the mood to tell you all about them :o)

ttfn x

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