Thursday, 12 March 2009

TNT Delivery

Last week I got a bit click happy and ended up ordering rather a lot of equipment Waahooo.... I AM justified in spending and ordering as I now don't have to wait for every fortnight to come around so that I can do some soldering! I can now do it all in my own workshop..phew. commissions were getting a bit long winded!

However this clever spannah forgot to order the Flux!! Doh...but have now been given some to keep me going phew! Am now just waiting on my triblet as they didn't have any in stock when I ordered (how rude!)

I got SO excited about it all i had it all delivered to work! and got a bhit snap happy on opening!! teehee


niftyknits said...

LOL your excitement is contagious, even though I don't know whta flux or triblet is - unless it's a little tribble, as seen on star trek?

HannahMary said...

teehee. think i may have to do some tribble research!!
they sound fun

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Oh, wonderful. Love the photo!

Being able to solder when you want is fantastic -take it from me! And flux lasts for ages so even the little bit to keep you going may keep you busy a while.

I've not got a triblet but I've used one!