Friday, 8 May 2009

Gilding Glamour!!

Well, I thought I should share with you all some of the excitement of gilding and what I get up to during the days when I'm not making things with resin and silver!!

Well largely at the moment I have been doing a lot of glass decoration aka Vere eglomise! Which basically means gilding onto the glass then drawing a design into the leaf. Hard to explain, hard to do and even harder to photograph!!! here it is...

Me in gilding action (not exactly a high speed game!!)

These are some tiny lozenges smaller than a leaf, so pretty simple to lay... although we will be doing 140 if the samples are liked by the client !!

And the following are some finished eglomise sample pieces... mostly architectural Greek designs...

Please excuse my hand in the reflections...!

'The leisure ladies' ...

I shall be uploading more images soon

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