Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More new-ness!!

Firstly.... I am officially THE WORST blogger in the world as my last post was nearly a year ago. But im still about and making wotnots. Mostly my InspiRings, they are going really well so thanks for the votes on the name, I think its catching on.
I have been making a few new bits and pieces in between moving ....again!! The website is very much up and running now so please feel free to take a little look.

I have also moved into a stunning new workshop, complete with shop front, so you can come in and watch myself and other jewellers and glass artists working during the day and purchase sample of our work of it takes your fancy. The opportunity is also there to have lessons in various different things please follow the links at the bottom to show you what currently on.
It's at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn, a stunning location with an amazing atmosphere, various other workshops are also open, including a dress maker, a print studio, a children's nursery, recording studio, a bike shop and more. The whole set up is a completely Eco friendly building, with wind turbines and a awesome cafe serving scrummy organic produce. 

More updates to follow........ I promise 

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